Why We Need Healthy Snacks For Work

Why We Need Healthy Snacks for Work?

It’s hard to find healthy snacks for work!  Our relationship to food is most often a reflection of ourselves. Based on that hypothesis, snacking at work is just an image of … our needs. Tell me how you snack and I can tell you what are your hidden needs! To put it simply, healthy snacks for work is just an urban myth

Our relationship with anything and to food in particular is an image of who we are, our personality but also our need to compensate.

Snacking at work often hides something

 “We shouldn’t eat between meals”, “we shouldn’t snack”, “three meals per day ” you have surely been bombarded by those recommendation by the media or your entourage, most of you have already accepted the fact that snacking is bad. Nevertheless, sometimes, or very often you cannot stop yourself, you just eat and let your self-go. What goes under your nose, what do your colleagues bring, what is proposed by the distributor machine. And that makes you feel guilty, and you just want it, you cannot resist and you swear that tomorrow you will stop. So what if instead of judging yourself you just try to understand yourself?

Do You Snack Because You Are Bored?

              Healthy Snacks For Work Bored Snacking

You have a job that has an uneven workload, with many “down” cycles. We do not give you enough responsibility/work. Or you are just very productive and work fast. You just have a big gap of time where you do not know what to do and how to entertain yourself, you are just bored and a feeling of emptiness.

So you just go out and eat something that will occupy you moment to make you forget that boredom.

What if you go to the source and make an evaluation of the source of the problem and what is going wrong?

Do you snack because you want to take a break?

Healthy Snacks For Work Snacking to take a break

We Know you work a lot, you put pressure on yourself, you are overloaded with work, you work non-stop, a small lunch pause just to eat that sandwich. You just need that break but… you cannot just stay unoccupied, so you eat

We are not even sure if that pause will make you stop thinking about your work. Okay you need a pause but….

Why don’t you take it in another context, go have a talk with your colleague, have a small walk, and have a conversation with a smoker

 Do You snack because you want to postpone doing an undesired task?

Healthy Snacks For Work Snacking From Undesired Tasks

You have a lot of work, we do it out of obligation but there are some tasks that we really do not want to handle. So we postpone and postpone, and instead of just not doing anything, you start to eat by convincing yourselves that this is a type of occupation and the rest can wait!  We are not idiots you are just simply procrastinating. Because it is tiring, maybe because it is complicated, maybe because you are just not up to the level.

Just try to see clear: If the task is really long or difficult, why not divide it into mini tasks. If it is really such a huge load than why not just ask a colleague for assistance!

If there is a deeper issue scaring you, a feeling of incompetence regarding this job. Just do an honest review of what you know how to do (you did not get this job for nothing!), and take trust in yourself progressively.

Do You Snack to Lower Stress

 Healthy Snacks For Work Lower Stress

Your work puts you under lots of stress, the days are long, the tasks are accumulating, you pass lots of times in meetings, you are consumed by your colleagues or your manager, to make short you are under pressure. And because you do not know how to evacuate that stress and relax, your only alternative is to relieve that tension on that packet of biscuits, chocolates, etc… Because you are just not aware of what you are swallowing you have a hard time trying to stop.

There are many ways to distress at work, one of the easiest is to sit down straight and concentrate for a few seconds on your respiration.

 You snack to gratify yourself

 Healthy Snacks For Work gratify yourself

After a hard task, a complex mission that we do with success, a tiring activity that you are happy to end up with, you have sometime a need of something good to gratify your self and mark that moment.

Of course you do deserve something, maybe the acknowledgement of your manager? But it is really food that will satisfy your? Of course it is most often what is easily and simply accessible.

But take a bit of time and think of something else that will really satisfy you!

 Those are many types of emotional situations that make you want to need snacks at work, not counting all the eventual restrictive diets you are trying to pursue and that explode at a moment or another.

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