Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss – Try These Yet?

If you are looking for some healthy snacks for weight loss to help in your fat loss efforts, you have several nutritional, tasty options to choose from.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables such as carrot sticks and celery are always good choices. Obviously, skip the fattening dips and cream cheeses, and opt for something low calorie such as hummus for dipping, or simply eat them plain. Raw broccoli and cauliflower are also great for dipping in hummus, and you can eat a lot without consuming many calories. Almost any raw vegetable is a good low calorie choice for snacking.

Alternatives To Greasy Salty Chip Snacking…

If you’re craving chips or something of that nature, opt instead for a low fat popcorn variety, which tastes great and also provides fiber and helps you feel full and satisfied. Air popped popcorn is even better because there are no added calories from any flavorings. Whole grain crackers that are baked as opposed to fried are also good choices.

My Favorite Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss…

Low Fat Yogurts

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Low Fat Yogurts
Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Low Fat Yogurts

Low fat yogurts also make great snacks and help provide your daily calcium. Fresh fruits are also healthy options for snacking. Grapefruits are also a great choice. Dried fruits are also nice snack options and travel well if you’re on the go.There are also several varieties of nutrition bars available which are great for weight loss and provide excellent nutritional value. Granola bars are also a great choice, however, be sure to compare nutrition information between brands, as some are a lot more fattening than others.


Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Nuts
Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Nuts

Nuts are a great source of protein and are healthy as well, so consume these in small quantities along with your other snack options. A little peanut butter spread on some celery or perhaps an apple add flavor, fiber, and protein to your snack.

Low Cal Drinks

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Low Calorie Drinks
Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Low Calorie Drinks

Flavored seltzer waters are great options for beverages while trying to achieve your weight loss goals. They give you carbonation of regular soda, while keeping things natural and calorie free – perfect healthy snacks for weight loss!

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