Healthy Cookies? Is It Too Good To Be True?

Healthy Cookies Diet Review

Let me admit, to start with, I have been sort of skeptical about even allowing the cookie diet to be in the discussion of diets that work. I was perhaps like you, thinking that inserting the healthy cookies diet into the weight loss resources category might be the most severe thing ever. Let’s be serious, when has eating a cookie ever served you to get rid of fat and improve your health. Last but not certainly least, I have never been aware of eating cookies helping to look sexy. The only final result that was produced from eating cookies is making the belly grow.

But the truth is, after doing a some reading, I’ve begun to reconsider our stance with this diet. To know the cookie diet, you must understand its origins. Dr. Siegal, an obesity health professional, created a cookie strategy in 1975 to aid his patients get healthy and lose weight. Dr. Siegal is considered the inventor of the cookie diet. With being able to help over a half a million people drop the weight; In my opinion the cookie diet at least merits consideration to get incorporated into our weight loss resources.

In the beginning, it seems that you take in a considerable amount of cookies and stay happy. Yes, while you nod your head, I am certain that makes no sense. Nevertheless, the diet is greater than a cookie itself. It’s a detailed diet that allows you to ingest healthy cookies, which contains amino acids and fiber that makes you full. This allows you to eat the perfect snack and eat healthy while doing it. Not to mention, it’s well known that fiber is great for process of elimination. The diet also makes it necessary that you count your calories.

Here is an example, it is recommended that you stay between 800-1400 calories everyday. To only eat 800 calories is living on the dangerous side. Alternatively, its advised that you consult with a doctor to do so. I would recommend that 1400 calories is proper on any diet that you will be looking to do. It is suggested that you eat four to six cookies daily. This puts you in the range of eating 400-600 calories. It is very important to keep your dinner rather simple. Keep in mind, your dinner includes vegetables plus a lean protein, or maybe just vegetables. The calorie consumption for dinner should range from 500-900 calories. This should keep you under 1600 calories for the entire day. It is additionally important that you are still drinking five glasses a water on a daily basis.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

why can't i lose weight

Before I even started our weight loss and health education business, people used to ask me for step-by-step instructions on how to lose weight. That’s because I’ve been a health nut for most of my life and can stay at my ideal weight easily.

“Just tell me exactly what to do and I’ll do it”, they’d say.

So time and time again I would give them step-by-step instructions nicely written out, with lots of different colors and carefully selected photos; I’d use all the tools at my disposal to get them to their goal.

I used to hope and pray one of them would be a success story. But the success rate was a not very impressive zero percent.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Because my advice sucked? Because I had no clue what I’m talking about? Because I’m so scary that they ran away in fear? (If you knew me, you’d laugh at that one).

I took it personally to start with, but over the years I realized the secret to losing weight permanently is not what you think it is.

You think that you haven’t found the right diet yet, or the right fat loss supplement or the right exercise program. You think you’d lose weight if you could afford a personal trainer, if you had a support buddy or when the kids have grown up.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?  Well, You Can!

Here’s the bad news. Every single weight loss approach you tried does work. The formula for losing weight is incredibly simple – eat less calories than you need, so you calorie restrict, and do more exercise, preferably high intensity exercise. Any approach that you’ve tried along these lines will lead to losing a few kilos (or pounds).

It’s not the diet or the fat loss supplement or the weight loss exercise program that doesn’t work.

It’s that you get in your own way. You don’t mean to, but you do.   This is the real secret to losing weight permanently. You need to stop getting in your own way of the weight loss results you want.

You start off on any weight loss program and think you really will be diligent. Just like all the people that have asked me for help over the years, they are absolutely determined: “I will do what you tell me, just tell me what to do.”

Keeping Motivated Is Key To Losing Weight

But you don’t stick to it. They didn’t stick to it. Life gets in the way, or you get in your own way.

The missing link in most weight loss programs is they don’t teach you the essence of motivation. They don’t teach you that you must have a really huge reason to take action and to keep going when the going gets tough. Once you can master your mind and learn the secrets to motivation, nothing will stop you in anything you do.  Here are some healthy snacks for weight loss.

So are you still thinking why can’t i lose weight?  Well, the first step to weight loss success is finding with crystal clarity what your big, huge, massive reason is to lose weight and keep it off. Then you need to keep it near you at all times, so when you start wavering you can remind yourself of your big weight loss ‘why’.

Tora Cullip empowers people to take control of their weight through an anti-diet, pro-lifestyle approach to permanent weight loss. Having overcome her own disordered eating demons, she now inspires people to master the inner and outer game of weight loss so they can take charge of their mind and body once and for all. A qualified counselor, online personal coach and a former national-level triathlete, Tora wants everyone to stand and walk proud (and slip into their skinny jeans again).